OpenSSH Installation in Ubuntu 18.04

I am a Windows user and installed Ubuntu 18.04 in my new computer. So, to gain access from Windows to Linux, OpenSSH is very convenient to me

  1. First, I install openssh-server in my Ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install openssh-server

2. By following command, every time I can auto start SSH service when start up:

sudo systemctl enable ssh

3. At the client side, i.e. Windows, I download PuTTY from PuTTY is the application to connect Linux using SSH:

4. To connect, just type in the IP address of the computer that has just installed openSSH: (I’m just using the default port number)

4. For the first time connection, click Yes to get the key:

5. Type in the login name and password of the Ubuntu computer:

6. And we have connected to Ubuntu. :)



DevOps Engineer

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